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"Data by itself is useless. Data is only useful if you apply it."   ​

Todd Park


The Self-Test Questionnaire is our core product and always has to be completed in order to fulfil any of our other applications.

Once an initial Self-Test has been completed you will see that the Report produced is the ideal aid to assessing an individual’s strengths and weaknesses for the purpose of evaluation, identifying their potential, helping to maximise their performance or as part of a team building exercise. The report contains our unique Behaviour Profiler Index (BPI) which has 794 variations and shows, in a graph format, the proportionality of the individual’s three main behavioural influences.

The Job Evaluation Questionnaire is used in conjunction with the Self-Test as an aid to effective recruitment.

The questionnaire is completed by the employer and creates a Job Profile Report that includes our Behaviour Profiler Index (BPI) and profiles the job for which applicants are applying. The Job Profile Report indicates the key characteristics required for the ideal candidate to fill the vacancy, see Auto Match section below.

The Auto Match Tool

All candidates for the vacancy complete the Self-Test. The resultant profiles are then matched automatically to the Job Profile Report, using the data in the BPI, to produce a list of candidates in order of potential suitability.

The system is fully automated and links are used to send the Self-Test to candidates for completion. Their resultant Behavioural Characteristics are automatically matched to the results of the Job Evaluation Questionnaire. This can also be sent via a Link for completion. All results are stored in your or your company’s confidential Users Area to which access can only be gained using your password.


The candidate’s profiles are listed in order of suitability and this increases the prospects of filling vacancies with candidates who have the right Behavioural Characteristics. Correctly matching individuals to a vacancy in this way can significantly reduce staff turnover and the cost of re-recruiting thereby saving costs and improving productivity.

The Comparison Report, which is Free of Charge, is an invaluable aid to reducing conflict in the workplace.

The individuals who are in conflict simply complete a Self-Test and then obtain a Comparison Report which will, at the click of a button, outline the ‘deep rooted’ factors influencing the individuals concerned and highlight the potential areas of 'Harmony' and the principal causes of 'Conflict' between them.

Conflict is resolved with the help of the Report through recognising, understanding and discussing the differences between the two individuals highlighted in the Report.

This often works well using a ‘Mediator’ as part of the discussion process.

The Comparison Report is an invaluable aid to team building. In the same way individuals within a team can be matched for compatibility to help ensure that a team is cohesive and contains the appropriate range of talents.


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